Hello world!

This blog is dedicated to new beginnings and anything it takes to get to one's own "happy place". From city girl to farm girl, business owner to unemployed, relationships, and everything in between - all the experiences and friends found along the way - changing everything led to unimaginable happiness. Comfort. The only word that really describes where I am is Kismet.

There is a zen saying "leap and the net will appear". If you close your eyes and visualize stepping off a cliff and stepping on to an invisible path you believe existed. The path is there. ...just like in that movie - I think it was one of the Raiders of the lost arc...  Whenever I am in a mental place of that blind faith, my life flows. Always has... when I got lost...whew... was I really lost! More on that later...

I believe everyone has the strength, power, self reliance and knowledge to tackle any physical or mental obstacle. Relax. It just takes the confidence, faith, and a little trust in oneself and the universe. The goal here is to empower, encourage, enlighten, inspire, coach, teach, empathize, assist women, or anyone that is looking for some support, in their path to discovering that faith. Hopefully my story... well the numerous stories... of my life will do just that. It wasn't easy by any definition. There are tears, laughter, heart break, anger, despair, shame, and embarrassment but a whole lot more love and fun. Sometimes it takes changing one's outlook, sometimes it takes changing everything.

Hello World!

- Farm Girl